Centennial Xiangya and Its Overseas Successors 百年湘雅 海外传人

Sunday, January 26, 2014
Centennial Xiangya and Its Overseas Successors

Saturday 6/21/2014, Greater Washington, DC

Dear fellow alumni,
Happy Year of the Horse!
The year 2014 is not just another year of the horse; it marks the centennial of Xiangya School of Medicine.  Like everyone with roots in Xiangya and Changsha, I am excited about this historical event, and feel lucky to be part of it.
As a part of the preparation to celebrate this event with our alma mater in October this year, the Board of Trustees has passed a resolution at its last meeting to organize a gathering in the greater Washington, DC area this year, and this resolution has received warm support from the DC-Baltimore chapter.  Recently, an executive committee that includes Tieluo Li, the newly elected president of the DC-Baltimore chapter, has convened and discussed the master plan for the gathering.
While celebrating the achievements and success is the focus of the gathering, the executive committee realizes the gathering should reflect the diversity and life experience of our overseas alumni.  From this point of view, the executive committee asks the organizing committee to formulate a program with diverse content and an interactive format so that many alumni with different backgrounds and interests can participate.  In addition, it also calls upon the entire alumni community for topics, ideas, projects or speakers.  Other specific issues discussed at the meeting include:
            Theme:            Centennial Xiangya and Its Overseas Successors – Life and Achievements
            Contents (include but are not limited to):
                                    Science, Education and Patient Care
                                    Business and Employment
                                    Career Development
                                    Hubbies and Interests
                                    Raising a Family
            Formats:         Mini-lectures
                                    Panel Discussions/Symposia
                                    Outdoor Activities
            Date:               Saturday June 21, 2014
            Location:         TBD (Great Washington DC area)
            Executive Committee:
                                   Wei Chao, Liming Zhang, Gary Zhou, Sean Tao, Alvin Zhang, Tieluo Li
            Organizing Committee:
                                    Chair                                      Gary Zhou (周星光)    
                                    Co-Chair, Logistics               Tieluo Li (李铁罗)
                                    Budget and logistics              Wei Liao (廖伟)                      
                                    Science                                  Dayue Duan (段大跃), Yang Xia (夏阳)        
                                    Clinical Medicine                    Zhenqi Liu (刘振启), Ruth A He (何艾舞)
                                    Community and Sponsors     Alvin Zhang (张斗)
                                    Business and Biotech            Lei Quan (铨镭), Jason Liu (刘建湘)
                                    Art and Life                             Changsheng Li (李畅生)
                                    Host committee member       刘安国 李珍生 刘庆丰 徐磊
                                    1/2014   Master plan and committee members
                                                  Notification to alumni
                                    3/2014   Evaluate and finalize the program (topics and presenters)
                                                  Evaluate venue
                                    5/2014   PPT or equivalent materials due
                                                  Confirmation of facility and sponsors
The organizing committee is responsible for the program and all gathering-related logistics.  The executive committee will meet monthly to receive updates, offer suggestions and give final approval on the program and budget.
The clock is ticking!  Alumni and friends, this is your gathering, a chance to reunite classmates and old friends and celebrate your life overseas!  Like our association, this gathering is of the alumni, for the alumni and by the alumni.  Therefore, please do the following:
1.      Save the date and spread the news to your friends and classmates, and talk about what you would like to see, hear or do at the gathering;
2.      Think about a few topics that you are interested in or you believe others would be interested in;
3.      Also think about who can or should speak or present at the gathering; both volunteers and recommendations are welcome;
4.      Send your ideas and suggestions to gxgz@comcast.net a.s.a.p. and before March 15 so that we can finalize our program and start the registration.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you at the gathering!  祝各位马到功成!
Gary Zhou (78')
New Haven, CT