Five Alumni Join the XYOAA Board of Trustees

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five new members were approved to join the Board of Trustees at the board meeting on May 4, 2013. These new board members are Bo Yang 杨波 (’88, Ann Arbor, IL), Dou Alvin Zhang 张斗 (’86, DC-Baltimore, MD), Jianyou Tan 谭建友 (’80, New York, New York), Jing Wang 王京 (’77, San Francisco, CA), and Ge Li 李戈 (’88, Chicago, IL).

              杨波                     张斗                          谭建友                      王京                       李戈

The new board members were nominated by the Nominating Committee based on their geographic locations, their contributions and expertise, and the recommendations from Xiangya alumni. We congratulate and welcome them to join the Board!
The Board was also notified by Changgeng Qian with his resignation from the Board due to his recent business relocation to China. The Board appreciates his contributions to XYOAA and to XYSOM over the past many years. We thank him for his continuous support to the association and wish him a best luck in his new endeavor.
A brief biosketch of all Board members will be posted online soon.