10th Anniversary of XYOAA Celebration in Houston, Texas

Monday, April 16, 2012

The year of 2012 marks a milestone in the history of XOAA. A decade ago, a group of enthusiastic overseas alumni met in Houston, Texas, and founded XYOAA. Since then, XYOAA, led by Drs. Liang Wang (the inaugural president), Sean Hu (the second president), and its Board members, has grown steadily in its member size and influence among Xiangya alumni. In 2012, Dr.Wei Chao, a Xiangya Class 77 graduate, and currently a faculty member at MGH of Harvard Medical School, took the helm of XYOAA as its new president. Since the inception of his presidency, XYOAA has been undergoing some exciting changes and reforms, which will surely strengthen the organization and lay down a solid foundation for its future growth.

To celebrate the 10th year birthday of XYOAA, and more importantly, the past 10 years of successes and achievements of our overseas alumni, as well as to usher in a new era of XYOAA, a 10th anniversary celebration gala is being planned and will be held in its birthplace: Houston, Texas on November 17, 2012. This event will include a symposium with mini seminars given by alumni covering a wide-range of topics, and a formal conference and evening banquet. An official invitation letter along with the event’s program will be soon sent out to our overseas alumni. Representatives from Xiangya Medical College and Yale-China Association will also be invited to join our alumni in celebration.

Please contact Dr. Sean Tao, the chair of the organizing committee, at xtynl@hotmail.com or xyoaa2002@gmail.com for further information, comments or suggestions about this upcoming exciting event. Future information will also be posted on XYOAA website at www.xyoaa.org.